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Valentine’s Day – The Tango

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The Tango

Have you ever dreamed of being able to dance a proper tango? The kind that you see in movies like “Shall We Dance” and “Take the Lead”, where the sensuality is so tangible that you can almost see yourself dancing it… Or those pictures of the tango where the man has the long stemmed red rose in his mouth and it is just so romantic that you melt at the mere thought of it….

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The tango is one of the most mesmerising dances that a man and woman can embark on together. It represents a romantic relationship complete with all of its its fire and passion. The staccato movements of the feet and the sharp changes of the heads help to build the suspense and intensity of it all, while the body of the lady is tightly connected to that of the man, forming an extension of his every move.

The tango was first danced by some immigrants on the banks of the La Plata River, the border between Argentina and Uruguay. These immigrants went there looking for jobs and prosperity, but were quite sad not to find it there. In order to keep themselves entertained and avoid the snare of depression, they started making music and dancing. There were more men than women, so the men started practicing together in order to impress the ladies when they came around. Combining elements of African and South American cultures with elements from the Waltz and the Polka, and a little bit of magic off course, the Tango was born.

Today the Tango is being danced widely, with many different varieties and styles. Three of these include the American Tango, the Argentine Tango, and the International Tango. The American and Argentine Tangos are used mainly for the purpose of social dancing, whereas International Tango forms one of the 5 Standard Ballroom dances that are danced in competitions worldwide. There are some definite differences between these three styles, but they all have one thing in common – PASSION!

Personally, I love dancing the tango! It is different from the other ballroom dances in so many ways. Not only is the hand-hold and stationary foot positions different, but it is danced on a single line by both of the lady’s feet and the left foot of the gent. Only the right foot of the gent has its own line to move on. The strength of the movement makes it exhilarating and allows the feet to lift off the floor, unlike any of the other ballroom dances. These differences make the tango challenging in its own way, but also very exciting.

The Tango has inspired many dancers throughout the years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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PS: Have a look at these scenes from the above-mentioned movies:



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